10+ Guidelines for Better Tables in R

Make tables people ACTUALLY want to read.

Heatmaps in ggplot2

It's more than just a passing fad.

A bar chart 5 ways in ggplot2

Andy, Tom, and ggplot2 walk into a bar...

Building a blog with distill

I love simplicity.

Meta RMarkdown - Taxonomy and Use cases

A meta collection of all things R Markdown.

Client-side interactivity - do more with Crosstalk

Because sharing data is caring

Easily parsing JSON in R with jsonlite and purrr

It's turtles all the way down...

gt - a (G)rammar of (T)ables

Not to be confused with a Game of Thrones

reactable - An Interactive Tables Guide

Part 2: How to draw the rest of the owl.

QB Salaries vs Playoff Appearances

Interactive tables make bad takes more fun.

Flipping tibbles for many models

Pivoting data from wide to long to run many models at once

Bigger, nflfastR, dbplyr

Doing more with dplyr and SQL

Beer and pdftools - a vignette

A guide to extracting tables from many PDFs using the pdftools package

Crossing 10,000 - Tidy simulation

Tidy simulation with dice rolls

Add a logo to your plot

Put a bird on it - Portlandia.

TidyTuesday enhancements

Making #TidyTuesday better.


A weekly social data project in R

Functional Progamming in R with purrr

Minimizing repetition with further replication

A Gentle Guide to Tidy Statistics in R

Working your way through a basic analysis

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